The Smartest Bike Lighting System to Ensure Your Safety

Speednite offers the most advanced lighting solution for your bike as the lights changing dynamically by motion control.

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Motion Sensor

Rear Light


Enjoy Your Safe Riding Journey

Speednite has a built-in front light, the turning signal lights, and a braking light. With Speednite, the road is illuminated and the road users can see the cyclist more clearly to keep safe.  The front light tracks where you are looking and points up or down with your gaze.

Ride Burdenless with a Clearer View

Turn signals are operated by head motion sensor. When cyclist twist the neck left or right, a warning laser light onto the ground will be turned on. It makes you and other road users keep safe. 

Light up the Turn Signal Safely 

With a simple twist of the neck left or right, the road is illuminated with a strip of light on that side, making your intentions clearer to motorists and other road users.

Tracking Precise Data in Real-time

Speednite App supports cycling metrics tracking function. With third party BLE cycling speed/cycling cadence/heart rate sensor, Speednite App will record your metrics automatically in real-time.

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Speednite is a professional team focusing on bicycle gadgets and has years of experience in designing and manufacturing. They’re on a mission to create and bring more fun to people! 

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