Open Source CAN Bus Based Servo Stepper for Multi-Axis Gang Control

AnanasStepper 3.0 aims to build a motion control system including hardware and software to make Multi-Axis Gang control easy and precise. It can apply to 3D printer, 6+ axis robot arm or some more complex motion control system, supporting to be controlled through CAN Bus, RS-485 and Step/Dir Interface.

A Project by Gray Pillow.


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About AnanasStepper 3.0

Close Loop | High Precision | Modularized | Synchronous serial connection

Close Loop: AnanasStepper 3.0 is a smart device with an STM32 MCU as a controller and allows you to capture the position, current, and temperature of itself.

High Precision: Use a 15 bits magnetic encoder(TLE5012B) with a resolution of 0.01° and two 12 bits DAC to control the resolution of current to reach up to 256 micro-steps.

Modularized: Easy to install and improve performance (Faster Speed & High Quality)

Synchronous Serial Connection: At low bit rates, AnanasStepper 3.0 can work on kilometer-long buses. (Up to 300 Units & More)


3D Printer | CNC | Robot Arm | Industry Automatic | Service Robots | DIY

3D Printer


Robot Arm

Industry Automatic


Service Robots

Ananastepper 3.0 at CES 2020 

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ABOUT AnanasStepper3.0

AnanasStepper3.0 is released under licenses that comply with the Open Source Hardware Definition

Hardware design is released under the Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

Firmware is released under the MIT License.

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