The Redefined Desktop Robotic Arm with Servo Motor

0.1mm Precision | 2m/s Movement Speed | 500g Payload | 421mm Reach | Aluminum Alloy Shell | Carbon Fiber Tube

* Super Early Bird Price from $519(4-axis)/$699(6-axis).

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What Gluon Can Do

Gluon is built for completing any task. With your limitless exploration, It can do such as writing &drawing, laser engraving, 3d printing and more. 

Unprecedented Flexibility

With 0.1mm repeatability and up to 2 m/s movement speed, it ensures incredible precision and flexibility with human-like control. Gluon may the best in the desktop robotic arm industry.

Robust and Reliable

Weight 3.7kg

Payload 500g

Reach 421mm

Degree of Freedom 6

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ABOUT Innfos

Innfos is a professional team focusing on robots industry and has years of experience in designing and manufacturing. They’re on a mission to create and bring more fun to people! 

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