World's First Quick-drying Handy Printer

Selpic is the handy printer can print text, image and QR code by simply sliding it on paper or any other surface! Sign up for the launch invitation, and the exclusive discount now.

* Super Early Bird Price from $199.

* Limited seats. First come, first served.

Print Anywhere You Like

SELPIC can print on different surfaces such as paper, wood, plastic, glass, CD, clothes, wall, or even your skin. Enlighten your life with the super portable printing experience.

What SELPIC Can Print?

You can print the text, image, weight, date, serial number, QR code, barcode simply by click and slide. 

Perfect for the school, office, warehouse, retail, DIY, and personal use.

Small Yet Powerful

SELPIC comes with 600 dpi resolution and up to 300 mm/s, allowing you to print super clear and fast. With 30ml volume of the cartridge, SELPIC can print tons of text and images.

SELPIC Handy Printer will launch on Indiegogo

on Oct. 22nd at 8 am EDT.

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How to Get Your SELPIC?

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What Is Indiegogo?

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